Paola’s exclusive classes and events transport you to the island of indefinable magic where life moves to the beat of the tumbadora drums and where the finest tobacco leaves in the world are rolled to fascinating perfection. Explore cigar craftsmanship, history and culture, improving your knowledge in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere.

Sit back and slow burn….


Paola is one of the top five cigar sommeliers in the UK, is a certified Master of Havana Cigars and the only female Master.

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Cigar Classes
Increase your enjoyment by discovering how Habanos are made – from simple seed to one of the world’s top luxury products, passing through the skilful, proud and dedicated hands of vegueros, maestro ligadores and torcedores.

Bespoke cigar tastings activities and personalised Cigar Sommelier services. Corporate events to develop partnerships and build a stronger client bond.

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Media & Collaborations

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